Brexit und Digitalisierung

Am 29. Jänner 2019 fand zum 16. Mal der Vienna Congress com sult 2019 ( im Haus der Industrie am Schwarzenbergplatz statt. Themen der heurigen Veranstaltung waren die Zukunft der Europäischen Union nach dem Brexit und die erfolgreiche digitale Transformation. Nach einleitenden Worten durch Christoph Neumayer (Vice-Director General, Federation of Austrian Industries), Alfred Harl (Chairman of the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy, Accounting and IT (UBIT), Austrian Federal Economic Chamber) und David Ungar-Klein (Initiator, Vienna Congress com·sult), folgten Vorträge, Panels und Workshops von und mit hochkarätigen Wissenschaftlern sowie internationalen Entscheidungsträgern aus Wirtschaft und Politik.


Wie können wir Europa sinnvoll weiterentwickeln und die Digitalisierung zu einer Erfolgsgeschichte für Standort und Mensch machen?

Dazu wurden folgende Schwerpunkte gesetzt und diskutiert:

  • Exzellenz in Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft
  • Wachstum durch Infrastruktur und Innovation
  • Sicherheit und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in Europa

Moderiert wurde die Veranstaltung von Bernd Winter – Chefredakteur, Internationale Wochenzeitung „VERKEHR“.

Zusammenfassung Digitalisierung in Österreich:

Österreich hinkt im Bereich „Digitale Transformation“ hinterher – es muss einen beharrlichen und fortlaufenden Prozess der Anpassung geben, um international mithalten zu können sowie den Anschluss nicht zu verpassen. Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft müssen zunehmend zusammenarbeiten. Zusätzlich sollen Experten in Österreich gehalten werden. Digitalisierung als Herausforderung – vor allem in Sektoren wie Bildung und Arbeit. Wesentlich diesbezüglich ist ebenso die Berücksichtigung des Stadt-Land Gefälles.

Experten Dialog zum Thema Innovation:

  • Michela Magas (European Women Innovator of the Year 2017” and Founder of Music Tech Fest (MTF)
  • Dan Shechtman (Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry and professor at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)


Moderation: Mathias Del Campo (Associate Professor, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, USA)

Panel: Europe at the crossroads: Where are we heading?

Brexit, elections, nationalist trends – 2019 will be a pivotal year for the EU. Which political trends will prevail? Should we aim for “more” or for “less” European integration? Who will be the central figures shaping the continent? What can and must they do to increase competitiveness and security? How should they approach partner countries like Israel and Turkey? In this panel, political experts gather to evaluate the EU’s priorities after Brexit and elections. In addition, they will attempt to develop a 2019 agenda for Europe based on a survey among participants of the 16th Vienna Congress com.sult.


  • Barbara Kappel (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Václav Klaus (former President of the Czech Republic)
  • Lukas Mandl (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Martin Meyer (former Deputy Prime Minister of Liechtenstein; CEO ITW Group, Liechtenstein)
  • Ron Prosor (Head of the Abba Eban Institute of International Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC); former Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations)

Moderation: Hedvig Morvai (Manager European Strategies, ERSTE Stiftung)

Panel: Striving for excellence: Innovation and sucess

With the economies of countries like China and India on the rise, global competition for knowledge, technological innovation and human resources becomes fiercer. Achievements in education, science and research are important but insufficient factors for developing attractive business locations. In an increasingly interconnected world, prosperity can only be achieved through excellence. In this panel, Nobel laureates and other leading experts discuss the central characteristics of excellence, political pre-conditions and areas, in which excellence is vital in order to stay competitive and prosperous.


  • Yair Engel (CEO of Kayama, Center for Sustainable Design in Israel)
  • Rolf Heuer (Experimental Particle Physicist ; former Director General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN))
  • Eva Kondorosi (Vice-President European Research Council)
  • Michela Magas (European Women Innovator of the Year 2017; Founder and Creative Director of the Music Tech Fest (MTF))
  • Kurt Wüthrich (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry)
  • Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry)

Moderation: Sierd Cloetingh (President Academia Europaea; President COST Association)


  • Erion Veliaj (Lord Mayor of the City of Tirana)
  • Majlinda Bregu (Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council)
  • Dhurata Hoxha (Minister of European Integration, Republic of Kosovo)
  • Zita Gurmai (President of PES Women (Party of European Socialists))
  • Ron Prosor (former General Secretary of the Israel Foreign Ministry and Ambassador to the UN, Head of Abba Eban Institute of International Diplomacy)
  • Norbert Hofer (Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Republic of Austria)
  • President VáclavKlaus (former President of the Czech Republic)
  • Yair Engel (CEO of Kayama, Center for Sustainable Design in Israel)
  • Rolf-Dieter Heuer (Experimental Particle Physicist ; former Director General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN))
  • Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry)
  • Kurt Wüthrich (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry)
  • Tibor Szanyi (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Daniel Risch (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Affairs of Liechtenstein)
  • Dan Oryan (Director of the Balkan Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State of Israel)

Workshop I | The art of self-promotion

How to sell my own hard work? How to draw people’s attention to my achievements? Whether you are an entrepreneur, political figure or researcher – strategic self-branding and self-promotion are necessary in any career development. In this workshop, internationally successful innovators and scientists discuss the best strategies for building a public image and promoting your own work.

Workshop II | Infrastructure needs new protection measures in the digital age

In light of the rapidly progressing digitalization of our lives, cyber security has become a focal issue. Without sufficient protection of our critical infrastructures, our measures for digital transformation may not succeed or could even backfire. Meeting security threats in the cyber space has become a major driver of competition. This workshop shows what can make our infrastructures less vulnerable to respective cyber threats.


  • Howard Moskowitz (decorated market researcher and psychophysicist, Recipient of the Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award)
  • Daniel Oppenheimer (Professor of decision sciences and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and winner of the Ig Nobel Prize in literature)

Moderation: Mathias Del Campo – Associate Professor, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, USA


  • Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry)

Moderation: David Ungar-Klein – Initiator of the “Vienna Congress com.sult”



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